MSK radiology imaging course Liverpool North West England

Lower Limb MSK Imaging Course In Liverpool

Date: 25th - 27th November 2019  |   Venue:  Marriott Liverpool City Centre






 Lower Limb Imaging Course

A two day comprehensive course covering Hip, knee, ankle and foot with an opportunity to go through a multitude of pathologies of the Upper limb- including sports related injuries.  It encompasses various modalities, including plain radiographs, US, CT and MRI which would help to ehance and consolidate the knowledge base.


  •  A 3 day course providing 18 RCR approved CPD points
  • Comprehensive lectures by expert speakers
  • Hip joint
  • Knee joint

  • Ankle joint
  • Hands-on approach
  • Interactive workstations for correct identification and diagnosis of pathologies
  • Live demonstration of ultrasound scanning by  our experts


 Course Highlights

  • Hands-on teaching with individual iMac workstations comprising all radiological modalities
  • Comprehensive lectures covering a wide spectrum of pathologies
  • Lectures by orthopaedic surgeons and sports physicians including what the ‘clinicians want to know in your reports’.
  • Guide on how to formulate a succinct report, covering important checklists
  • Live ultrasound demonstration and approach to various joints
  • Pre course material which acts as a ‘teaser’ to build up the knowledge base
  • Course dinner – An opportunity to unwind, network with other professionals and meet the experts.





Day 1:

Pelvis & Hip

9am: MRI Technique

9.15am: Imaging acetabular labral tears

9.35am: FAI Concepts & mechanisms

9.50am: FAI: X-Ray & MRI assessment

10.05am: Apophyseal injury in the adolescent

10.20am: Pyriformis syndrome: Does it exist? Is it an imaging diagnosis?

10.35am: Discussion

10.45-11.15 am Coffee

11.15am: Groin Anatomy MRI

11.30am: Groin US anatomy & Demo

11.45 am: Imaging of groin pain

12.05pm: Nerve blocks around the pelvis

12.25 pm: CT Pelvis & Lower limb: Orthopaedic measurements

12.45 pm: Discussion

1-2pm Lunch

2pm: Muscle anatomy of the hip & thigh & US demo

2.30pm: Muscle Injury: Imaging classification & prognostication

2.50pm: PRP & other injectables in muscle injury. Do they work?

3.05pm: Lat Hip pain & snapping Hip & US demo

3.25pm: Trochanteric Injections: Are they worthwhile? What techniques should be use?

3.35: Discussion

3.45-4.15pm Coffee



4.15pm: MRI Technique

4.25pm: Meniscal anatomy

4.40pm: Describing patterns of meniscal injury

4.55pm: Difficult meniscal tears and pitfalls in diagnosis

5.10pm: Soft tissue abnormalities around the knee

5.25pm: Discussion

5.30-6pm: Drinks break

6-6.45pm Guest lecture

Welcome Drinks!


Day 2:

9-10.10am: Group Sessions

Workshop:   Group A – Case review session on i-Macs:

Lectures: Group B –Lectures

9.00am:  ACL & PCL Injury            9.20am:  LCL & Postero-lateral corner injury

9.35am   MCL & Posteromedial corner injuries

9.50am:  Post-op ligament imaging

10.10-10.40am: Groups swap & Coffee

10.40-11.50am: Group Sessions

Workshop:   Group B – Case review session on i-Macs:

Lectures: Group A –Lectures

10.40am:  ACL & PCL Injury 

11.00am:  LCL & Postero-lateral corner injury

11.15am   MCL & Posteromedial corner injuries

11.35:  Post-op ligament imaging

11.55am: Patterns of Bone Contusion as predictors of knee injury

12.15pm: Osteochondral injury of the knee

12.35pm: Discussion

12.45-1.45pm Lunch

1.45-2.45pm: Group Sessions

Workshop:   Group A – Case review session on i-Macs:

Lectures: Group B –Lectures

1.45pm: Patellar maltracking: what measurements should I do? 

2.05pm:  Patellar maltracking: are dynamic tracking studies useful

2.15pm: Acute Extensor mechanism injuries: MRI/US & US demonstration

2.50pm 3.50pm: Group Sessions

Workshop:   Group B – Case review session on i-Macs:

Lectures: Group A –Lectures

2.50pm: Patellar maltracking: what measurements should I do?

3.10pm:  Patellar maltracking: are dynamic tracking studies useful

3.20pm: Acute Extensor mechanism injuries: MRI/US & US demonstration

3.20-3.50pm: Coffee

Ankle & Foot

3.50pm: MRI Techniques 

4.05pm: Ankle ligament & US demonstration 

4.25pm: Acute vs Chronic lateral ankle ligament injury MRI or US

4.40pm: Syndesmotic Injury: Grading injuries 

4.55pm: Ankle impingement syndromes 

5.10pm: X-ray assessment of foot and ankle alignment



Day 3:


9am: Ankle tendon anatomy & US demonstration

9.20am: Ankle tendon pathology MRI/US

9-45.10.45am: Group Sessions

Workshop:   Group A – Case review session on i-Macs:

Lectures: Group B –Lectures

9.45am:    Plantar Fasciitis, plantar fascia injury & therapy

10.00am:  Intervention of Achilles & Patellar tendons

10.15am:  Morton’s Neuroma: Diagnosis and therapy

10.30am:  Toe Injury in Sport

10.45-11.15am: Groups swap & Coffee

11.15-12.15pm: Group Sessions

Workshop:   Group B – Case review session on i-Macs:

Lectures: Group A –Lectures

11.15am:   Plantar Fasciitis, plantar fascia injury & therapy

11.30am:  Intervention of Achilles & Patellar tendons

11.45am:  Morton’s Neuroma: Diagnosis and therapy

12.00pm:  Toe Injury in Sport

12.20pm: Stress Fractures of the lower limb

12.40pm: Discussion & Close








Lower Limb Course Aims



Imaging of Sports injuries:

Lectures and case review of sports injuries by experts, gives the delegates a unique opportunity to gain insight into Sports imaging.




Individual work stations:

Every delegate would have a personal iMac to navigate through the cases which makes it a ‘real life experience’.  This would be complemented by tutor going through cases and giving you ‘an approach’.

This would be complimented by lectures to consolidate the knowledge




Live Ultrasound demonstation:

The MSK Radiologists would be going through the US examination of various joints and provide you with invaluable ‘tips and tricks’!




Pre-course and take home material:

Each delegate would be provided with some relevant pre-course material which would act as a good foundation for the intense and exhaustive training during the course.

Furthermore subjected to copyright guidelines each candidate would be given free-take home material for future reference.



Report Writing:

Guidance from the Speakers would help you to ratchet up your report writing skills thus providing your clinician colleagues with succinct reports.






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 Key Speakers

We have some of the top experts in their field joining us for the Lower Limb Course in Liverpool.  From holding talks to giving presentations and covering a vast array of appropriate topics, you will hear from both invited speakers and members of the NW MSK Course faculty themselves.


Invited and Faculty Speakers




  Pricing Information

The price for the 3 day Lower Limb Course is Currently £425!

(Original price was £575)

This includes:

  • Hands-On interactive course
  • Access to extensive course material
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Delegate dinner social event
  • Parking onsite for the duration of the course

Combined course price booked for the upper and lower limb course is £724! (Original combined price £900)


 Social Event – Delegate dinner 

A social dinner at the end of each day offers all delegates a chance to interact, network and speak with each other and our team of experts.

You have a chance to exchange information, contact details, and discuss future events while unwinding from the day over an evening meal.


Venue Information

Liverpool Marriot Hotel City Centre is within walking distance of the local train station, and is a bus or taxi ride away from nearby airports.

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